One of most forward-thinking galleries in Poland, the BB Gallery was launched in Kraków 
 in 1997 and it has been in operation in Wroc³aw since 2004. It has a reputation for holding 
some of the most interesting exhibitions of contemporary and design art in both cities. Around 
80 artists
work regularly with the BB Gallery. It has had 153 exhibitions in Poland and abroad. 
Anita Bialic, the BB's owner , is particularly interested in the art of objects: "An object is concrete. 
It fills our reality. And it can be a work of art!" she declares. In its 13 years of existence, BB Gallery has made numerous contacts with young up-and-coming artists. It buys their work, helps them organize exhibits, takes care that they have access to the media, and contacts other galleries. The BB's exhibitions are always met with a buzz by Poland's art aficionados and media.